We began raising registered British White cattle in 2016. We love the gentleness and easy keeping of this breed. They are just as curious and loving as our goats.  We had a great first calf crop and will begin selling calves in the fall of 2017.   

kiko goats for sale in Georgia

is a husband and wife team raising goats and cattle in Folkston, Georgia. We have always focused on our faith and our family. For years we traveled the Southeastern United States playing bluegrass and gospel music with our children. With our son getting married and daughter getting more involved in High School activities, we slowed down the touring and followed our dream of raising quality goats.

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Please take a look around our website. Check out more info on our bucks and look at our does. The Goats For Sale page is updated regularly, so keep an eye out for any changes there.

​Don’t forget to go over to our Facebook page. We post more ​pictures from around the farm and our daily operations quite often. Our goats are like our children, so we love taking their pictures.  I think a few of them like having their picture taken, too.

We started with Kiko goats them moved on to Boer Goats in 2012. We have managed to build a hardy herd of Boer goats but due to busy work schedules, new health issues and wet farm conditions, we returned to raising Kiko goats in 2018. We now have a small herd of 100% New Zealand does. We can't help but have some beautiful dappled Boer goats around, so we kept a few of our best doelings from our 2017 kidding season. We have retained an own son of AK47 to use on these does and on our commercial kiko does. 

​Our New Zealand buck is a Terminator XXX son, TMB Zeus. His dam is RAK Eve. She is a Blue's Son daughter. We are extremely pleased with Zeus' first crop of kids. They are exhibiting fast growth with great gains. Zeus is very parasite resistant and seems to be passing that trait along to his progeny as well.