Please take a look around our website. Check out more info on our bucks and look at our does. The Boer Goats For Sale page is updated regularly, so keep an eye out for any changes there.

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the farm and our daily operations quite often. Our boer goats are like our children, so we love taking their pictures.  I think a few of them like having their picture taken, too.

​2013 will be our first year showing boer goats. We have a lot to learn and are excited about the prospects we have for breeding our own show stock. We are thankful to be a part of an industry with such great people involved. 

We began raising registered British White cattle in 2016. We love the gentleness and easy keeping of this breed. They are just as curious and loving as our goats. 
We had a great first calve crop and will begin selling calves in the fall of 2017.   

is a family owned and operated Boer Goat farm in Folkston, Georgia. We have always focused on our faith and our family. For years we traveled the Southeastern United States playing bluegrass and gospel music. With our son getting married and daughter getting more involved in High School activities, we slowed down the touring and followed our dream of raising quality Boer Goats.

Willow Creek Farms...


We started with traditional Boer Goats but fell in love with the dappled and spotted boer goats. It is a blessing to look out from the front porch and see such beautiful colors in the pasture. We are striving to be a top breeder of dappled boer goats in Georgia.

​We are honored to have Max Boer Goats Proto-Hype as our dappled sire. He is becoming a massive buck and such a beautiful dappled boer goat. We have the Lazy S-T Coppertox and black genetics covered in our herd with our home grown grandson, WWCF In The Black. He is a fine specimen of a black boer buck. Looking forward to see how he grows and the color possibilities we will have with him.