Traditional Buck

We are proud to call Willow Creek Farms home to "Junior" (Copper's Callin the Shots). We purchased him from Rexanne Bailey in 2017.  We are eagerly awaiting his first kid crop for us! 

After the unexpected loss of our favorite herd sire, Cool Water, be began the quest for his replacement. We knew this was going to be quite the task. We looked at many awesome bucks but still couldn't find quite what we were looking for. When we saw a picture of this guy, we knew we had to have him. He had every piece we were looking for. We are grateful that Julie and Dave Maxwell agreed to sell him to us. 

When he arrived on the farm he exceeded our expectations. Not only is he a super specimen of a buck, he is very sweet and mild mannered. Another quality we were seeking. 

We are very impressed with Proto-Hype's kids. They are all wide from front to back and love the neck extension. 

JRB3 The Fonz

Sire: Lazy S-T Coppertox  Dam: JRB3 Heather

ABGA Registration # 10633599

Black / Spotted Boer Buck

Max Boer Goats Proto-Hype

Sire: Max Boer Goats Prototype  Dam: Max Boer Goats Red Ripper Diva

ABGA Registration #10730558

Reference Sires

Max Boer Goats Night Sights

Sire: IMAX 3Dt  Dam: Max Boer Goats Spots On Fire

ABGA Registration #10664939

HSM McHale's Cool Water

Sire: 3LF Copy Cat  Dam: Criser Ranch Jezzie

ABGA Registration #10602521

JRB3 Copper's Callin The Shots

Sire: Lazy S/T Coppertox  Dam: JRB3 Jazzy

ABGA Registration #10666767

CCB4 E129 "Bo"

Sire: BMACK Gum-Bo  Dam: EGGS B241

ABGA Registration #10690576

We went to The Legendary Sale looking for a new traditional show buck. We were actually planning on bidding on one buck but when we saw this guy we fell in love. 

He is doing well in the shows. His first crop of kids has really impressed us. He has even given us some outstanding dappled does! He has definitely earned his place on the farm.

SGR Rey's A Riot

Sire: SGR Rey's The Roof  Dam: SGR Polar's Chatty Cathy

ABGA Registration #10620898

Dappled Boer Buck