Our does are selected for their mothering ability and worm resistance. We live in a low, wet area of Georgia and know this is not ideal goat geography. So worm resistance is a priority for us. Our kiko goats are raised in the pasture. This is another reason to cull out any wormy goats.

The number one reason why we raise boer goats is our genuine love for these animals. They are all treated like pets! We tend to live a hectic, fast paced life like everyone else. There is no better medication out there than to come home and spend time with our boer goats. Like the old saying goes, "Money can't buy happiness....", but it can buy boer goats! :)

These are a few examples of some of our Kiko Goats in Folkston, Georgia. 
Click on the photos for a larger view, info and a link to animal's pedigree on NKR site.

3LF Rendition

​Sire: 3LF Graffiti  Dam: Lazy S-T Flash Points