Hollingsworth Boer Goats Whirly Bird

Sire: Hollingsworth Boer Goats Red Square  Dam: RED2 Red Gate Firecracker


Sire: X092 Tabasco  Dam: Van K Vicki 113

JRB3 Infinity's Exquisite Copper

Sire: 3LF Stargate's Infinity  Dam: JRB3 CT Buttons

2JW Impulsive Ripples

Sire: 2JW Apollo's Seismic Impulse  Dam: 2JW Grace on Fire

WWCF Yahoo!

Sire: Max Boer Goats Night Sights  Dam: CEDARS Whoop T Do

LANHA Ruby Red

Sire: GLA Medicine Man  Dam: 3MBG Pretty Koza

2SONS/2DOX Sugar Bomb

Sire: 2SONS Iron Man Dam: 2DOX Gotta Lotta Candy

TMB Coppertox's Precious

Sire: Lazy S-T Coppertox  Dam: Agnew's Lilly's Vision

ASHS Delilah

Sire: NATS Rumblebee​  Dam: NATS Dixie Chic

Our does are selected for their mothering ability and worm resistance. We live in a low, wet area of Georgia and know this is not ideal Boer Goat geography. So worm resistance is a priority for us. Our boer goats are not pen raised and spend a lot of time in the pasture. This is another reason to cull out any wormy goats.

The number one reason why we raise boer goats is our genuine love for these animals. They are all treated like pets! We tend to live a hectic, fast paced life like everyone else. There is no better medication out there than to come home and spend time with our boer goats. Like the old saying goes, "Money can't buy happiness....", but it can buy boer goats! :)

Our Boer Goat Does pedigrees include Max Boer Goats with IMAX 3D and IMAX Thriller being sire to several of our does. We also have a lot of Bon Joli bloodlines and Lazy ST Copperhead as well as T4 Scorpio and CGL Farms. Our main Show Doe, 2Sons/2Docs Sugar Bomb, is doing well in the show ring. Love her genetics.

These a a few examples of some of our Boer Goats in Folkston, Georgia. 

These are just a few of our ladies. Please check our Facebook page for more pictures. We currently have about 40 boer goat does. We have a good mixture of traditional boers and dappled boer goats. Our recent focus has been on adding black to our herd. We have fallen in love with the black boer goats. We are confident that we will have a good sampling of color in our next crop of kids.



3LF Moxie

Sire: Stargate  Dam: 3LF Matinee

3LF Rendition

​Sire: 3LF Graffiti  Dam: Lazy S-T Flash Points

Max Boer Goats IMAX Polkalina

Sire: IMAX 3D  Dam: Max Boer Goats J10 I'm So Hot

SAF23 Stoney Acres Polka Face

Sire: Bon Joli Z007  Dam: NATS Delilah

Max Boer Goats IMAX Tapestry

Sire: IMAX 3-D Dam: Max Boer Goats Dappled $ Elle

Colored/Dappled Boer Goat Does


Traditional Boer Goat Does